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The Pirana is an extremely light clamp able to join metal sheets up to 2,0 mm of total thickness. Its lightness and compactness make it a versatile and handy machine able to adapt to a wide range of situations, also thanks to possibility to have alignment of the head in three different settings relative to the axis of the handle: straight, staggered and at 90°. Its field of application, extremely various, extends, for example, from the production of metal furniture to the refrigeration sector.

Python LA

The Python LA is a machine able to perform the clinching points in areas otherwise inaccessible for other types of the clamps. Thanks to its system of mechanical opening of the head, the Python LA is capable of passing obstacles such as for example folded edge and perform a clinching point beyond them. The Python LA, exclusively designed by JuradoTools, is able to work with a thrust up to 35 kN which makes it a very powerful machine as well as versatile.

Mouse X-22

The Mouse X-22 is a clamp developed to provide users with a lightweight, versatile, immediate and intuitive cold welding machine. It allows to access to the U-profile sheet metal and, thanks to its geometrical shape, is ideal for clinching on the corners. The clamp Mouse X-22 is available on 3 different settings: with handle in frontal, superior or anterior position.


The Mangusta was the first machine provided with built-in air pressure multiplier that has been realized. Its compactness and absence of external booster makes it extremely versatile and easy to handle, thanks to the reduced weight. Its main field of application is union of thin metal sheets in a wide variety of industrial applications such as, for example, the production of structures and machines for the refrigeration, the production of household appliances and air ducts.


In this times where ecology is always more important and European rules on the subject of safety become every time more restrictive, our technology meets very well these conditions because it produces neither sparks nor fumes.


Prospot provides clinching tools and all the information and technical support to the customers. Furthermore we can perform lab tests for any client whom requests them. The client can send us the components to assemble and then we can retrun the completed section for you to check and verify the final result.

Warranty & support

Thanks to the acquired experience in the field of sheet metal assembly by cold plastic deformation, we are able to supply excellent cold welding machines that take advantage of patented and certified technologies. All our products are supplied with a two-year warranty.

Work with us

We are the exclusive manufacturers of the machines in this website, being the owners of the patents on a national and international level. If you are a motivated Reseller or Distributor feel free to contact us, we could start a profitable collaboration.

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