Cold welding machines

Cold welding machines for metal and hybrid materials Junction.

Prospot is proud to be the UK supplier of Jurado Tools. Jurado is an Italian company specialised in cold welding machines manufacture. Jurado delivers cold welding solutions worldwide, including a two-year warranty and full assistance.
The company boasts unique products that received national and international patents for the innovative technology and high-performing design.
Jurado is exclusive manufacturer of all the patented cold welding machines designed and produced by our company.
This particular process consists in welding metals and other materials with no heat and fire, providing a higher performance than traditional welding, and a better experience.
Jurado’s regular and custom clinching solutions are available for your company worldwide. We also offer full assistance and a two-year warranty.

Cold welding process: Jurado technology

Jurado’s innovative technology strives for optimizing manufacturing operations on many points of view. Cold welding process (also known as “clinching”) has a positive impact – which can be measured and quantified by specific indicators.
Upgrading to cold welding implies higher safety standards, time optimization, costs reduction, equalization of quality standards and environmental sustainability. Key factors for a manufacturing company success.
Jurado machines can replace efficiently traditional welding in many fields and applies to numerous industrial manufacturing processes.
What is exactly this new technology? What can you expect from this machinery?
Let’s see cold welding definition and process.
Cold welding is a manufacturing process.
Like traditional welding, it consists in the junction of two or more sheets of materials – mainly metals.
Unlike traditional welding, cold welding does not require the employment of additional elements such as fill or weld material: it doesn’t need pegs, screws, rivets, bolts and nuts.
Moreover, cold welding process is completely different from heat sealing. In fact, it takes no fire, no heat to make a joint with this unique method.
The mechanical junction between two or more sheets of metal is the result of plastic deformation, which is operated by a punch and a die.
Cold welding only requires a proper machine that operates tight and permanent junction points between sheet metals in order to bind them together.

Cold welding technology: a great industrial progress

Cold welding technology represents a revolutionary breakthrough in industrial engineering.
While many companies are still relying on heat sealing, progress is going towards a cheaper and more sustainable solution.
Research and development have shown that two or more sheets of material can be fastened together using a tool that clenches the two parts between a punch and a die exerting a targeted pressure.
Pressure intensity along with specific geometrical shape and dimension of the die and punch determine the mechanical connection of metal sheets.
The joint appears as a local interlock between the sheets of metal, formed by the cold welding machine.
Researchers are constantly studying cold welding technology, striving for further advancement.
Jurado is at the forefront of research and progress, aiming at extending clinching technology to more and more industrial fields.
Cold welding has today a key role in manufacturing progress. The priority is to allow all sectors manufacturers access this extraordinary solution, in order to make quality, safety, sustainability and cost cutting the priority of a win-win relationship.
In fact, Jurado teamed up with the Italian University of L’Aquila – Department of Industrial and Information Engineering and Economics. The company and the University agreed to prosecute experimentation and research by combining best engineers and Jurado’s know how in cold welding technology.
As a result of this partnership, University of L’Aquila grants scholarships to deserving students interested in the field of “Theoretical and experimental development of methods studies for analysis and improvement of the joining process by clinching “.

Cold welding for metals and other sustainable materials

Each cold welding machine can be applied for a great range of materials. Most common application of cold welding includes aluminium, compound, stainless steel, cast iron, rolled steel, copper.
Actually, clinching machines can operate on low carbon steels, high strength steels, aluminium alloys, magnesium alloys, copper, titanium alloys.
Cold clinching even allows making hybrid junctions between metals and between metal and polymer.
Moreover, this process suits coated metals e.g.: galvanized sheet metal, plastic-coated and pre-painted.
For now, plastic sheets cannot be fastened with cold welding. And research continues.
Cold welding is an instant fastening method: it does not require any of the operations of heat assisted process.
In fact, if you want to get the best joining performance, it is highly recommended avoid employing heat methods on metal sheets.

Cold welding points of Jurado machines

Jurado cold welding machines all boast patented design and technology.
As mentioned before, the fastening process occurs when metal sheets are forced into the die by the punch of a special claw.
Through the action of mechanical pressure sheets get deformed, flow laterally move sideways and create an interlock button. The targeted interlock results to be the joint between the two or more sheets of metal.
Jurado manufactures a variety of product models intended for various applications. Each cold welding machine operates buttons with different shapes which are directly related to the field of application and type of material.
Jurado cold welding technology is based on round and trapezoidal junction points.
The whole junction process depends on the shape of the die and punch of the claw of cold welding machine.
Clinching point shape is decisive for the junction resistance. Therefore, every machine must be carefully used accordingly with the type of material and the thickness of the sheets. The correct use of cold welding machine guarantees the highest performance.
Here are the main criteria you need to know to choose the best machine.
Round point operates hermetic junction, because it produces an even stress resistance in all directions. It also performs valuable aesthetic junctions.
Trapezoidal point is most suitable for harder meta sheets with low pliability, such as stainless steel. It can operate junctions between more than two metal sheets.

Application of cold welding machine in manufacturing industries

Since it possible to apply cold welding to aluminium, compound, stainless steel, cast iron, rolled steel, copper and other metals – as well as polymers – it is suitable for various manufacturing factories. Jurado cold welding machines are recommended for a wide range of application throughout various manufacturing industry fields.

  1. Automotive and transport
  2. Household appliances and electronics
  3. Chemicals
  4. Construction and civil engineering
  5. Agriculture equipment
  6. Mechanical engineering
  7. Medical engineering
  8. Energy production

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